The House of Duh


So, House of Cards is back, in a newly designed playing set.

I loved the old TV series, so, I think I will give the remake a miss. I’m not much for upgrading nostalgia – but this is not a discussion about originals & remakes.

Though it is, in a way, a reflection on things past & present. Temps perdus & temps perfides, if you must.

In the original BBC TV drama, the genially evil Francis Ewan Urquhart has this ur spinny catchphrase, “You might think that; I couldn’t possibly comment”

… and however much I love the little word, you might think that it is a rather sad reflection on the times that the above phrase translates into today’s mono-syllabic “Duh!”


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2 Responses to “The House of Duh”

  1. Jantar Says:

    Like I said, I haven’t watched the new version but surely it must start off with the same sort of opening shot – only with Maggie T’s portrait replaced with one of Ronnie R’s…


  2. vet Says:

    I didn’t care much for the original series. Urquhart as an out-and-out villain seemed just – crude, after the more sympathetic (and therefore believable) deconstruction of ‘Yes, [Prime] Minister’. I subscribe strongly to the ‘f—up’ theory of history, rather than the conspiracy theory.

    And the catchphrase “you might think etc.” – again, it seemed too crude to be believable. I’ve met several politicians, they just don’t talk like that. If FU was as manipulative as he was supposed to be, the last thing he’d do would be to advertise the fact to, basically, everyone he spoke to.

    But that’s by the by. I very much doubt I’ll watch the new series anyway…

    Nice to see you, Jantar.

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