The story well welcomes unconscious hard drives


This from an old article in the Observer: a conversation between Mike Skinner of the Streets and philosopher & author John Gray – a very interesting observation…

… and something we tend to forget when we grandly speculate about artificial intelligence (or AI, for hard-wired SF fans).

That is, what about the unconscious mind – and that place we could, following the echoes of the footsteps of Carl Jung, call the collective story well?

Anyway, here we go, with another ‘Thought For & Quote Of The Day’:

John Gray: There’s nothing inherently unique and inexplicable about humans, so we could create devices that could indeed become conscious. But if we create robots that are only conscious – that don’t have the 99 per cent of unconscious mental life that we have – could that hollow replica of how we imagine ourselves to be start painting in the same way as van Gogh? Most creativity in the arts, and even in science, comes from levels of the mind that are not conscious. Conscious thought is a tiny, tiny part of the life of the mind.”


(Story, story night.
Make your myths as true as day,
Shape them from the oldest clay,
With hands that know the darkness of the well…)

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