Pope mobile causes road rage in Poland (sort of)

(Apparently, it’s all the rage now…)

Now, this is interesting…

… in a who gives a fuck kinda way, of course:

‘Poland’s Catholic Church will hold a day of prayer for the nation’s drivers in an attempt to use the Christian spirit to quell road rage.’

As campaigns go, it’s perhaps not right there with going into the temple of God and casting out the money lenders…

… but I guess it’s better than burning witches as so many steaks and blaming the Jews for everything, up to the point of condoning murderous pogroms, even after the horrors of World War Two.

So, good on Poland’s Catholic Church…

… and I am quite sure that suggestions that these irate drivers were merely the parents of molested children who wanted to have a few words with the driver of some get-away Pope mobile are utterly slanderous.

(Riding along in my Pope mobile
with Mary beside me at the wheel
a sip of water turned into wine
and a spliff that’s smelling quite divine
cruisin’ and prayin’ to Daddy-o
with no particular place to go…)

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