Frustrated, moi? (Or: Why do we blog?)

There are many reasons why people want to blog.

Because they are terribly bored…

… or, as the pic above suggests, because they are terrible bores.

People do it because they believe in Yaweh, or Allah, or Tom Cruise, or 9//11 conspiracies…

… or because they don’t.

So, they blog to tell you about their eternal Creationist truths…:



… or to sick their inner Dawkins at you.

Then, there is sex.

So, you will have bloggers raving about Hooters, or about weird masturbatory sex with Barbie toys.

There’s also politics, which can rapidly become even weirder than religion

… or Internet sex…

… meaning that it attracts even more manic bloggers…

… so that, let’s say, a silly picture of George Bush gets discussed and drooled over even more than some naked pictures of Carla Bruni

… and don’t even get me (or your more insane blogger) started on Israel

… or Iran:


What was that?

Oh, why I have this blog…?

Well, that’s simple – and you should have been able to answer that question yourself, to be honest.

Me, I would have loved to become a cartoonist but I can’t draw for shit or Sheenola, so I make do with words.

Sad (like so many bloggers) but true.


(It looks at birds! It is insane!  It’s Action Blogger…!)

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