What do we want? Quotes & Cartoons! When do we want it…? Alright already, here they are!

Today, I’m not really in a writing mood, so I’ll just present you with a series (or jumble) of quotes I’ve been selecting for exactly such a day & purpose.

There’s no theme to them. They’re simply here because they delighted me. I hope you’ll enjoy them too.

The cartoons that ‘book-end’ these quotes are from the Jesus & Mo site (that you can find HERE.)

1) “A secret is what you tell one person at a time.”

John le Carré (Care of the BBC Book World Club)

2) “The writer has to be dedicated to living.”

Ian Rankin (Care of the BBC Book World club)

3) “We act all the time now as if we’re really poor and yet we’re really rich. It makes [England] much more like America, which is about individual wealth and collective poverty.”

Bill Bryson (care of the Guardian)

4) “All the Beatles albums are great, but each has its Ringo track. It’s a sad truth that nothing you love is without its Ringo track.”

Simon Barnes (care of the Times)

5) “I’ve got blisters on my fingers!”

Ringo Starr (Helter Skelter)

6) “Dodo eggs got laid more recently than you.”

John Connolly, The Whisperers (p.253)

7) “Passing Houses of Parliament. NURSE! They’re all out of their beds again!”

A tweet by sports commentator David “Bumble” Lloyd (as reported by Giles Smith in the Times)

8) “I feel like a perfectly good potato put through a masher. Nothing comes out the way I expected, and my skin is off, and the solid, sane things get pulped and the whole thing is served up easy to swallow, but not for me. I am still somewhere at the bottom of the masher shouting “I AM A POTATO GET ME OUT OF HERE”.”

Jeanette Winterson, answering the question, ‘How do you feel about being interviewed?’ (care of the Guardian)

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