One good thing about Jehovah’s Witnesses: They only kill their own


In my not so humble opinion Jehovah’s Witnesses are very sick people – both mentally and morally.

About the only positive thing I can think of saying of them is that at least they don’t make a habit out of flying planes into buildings.

I suppose they could put that on Jehovah’s Witness Emma Gough’s headstone, ‘Luckily she took no-one with her’:

A JEHOVAH’S Witness mum who stopped her daughter getting a life-saving blood transfusion said, “At least she was faithful to her God”, an inquest heard yesterday.

Emma Gough, 22, a Witness herself, suffered complications after having twins a fortnight early. She developed a massive four-pint blood clot and became critically ill. Emma had signed an advanced directive forbidding a transfusion, which is banned by her faith.

Olufunso Oyesanya, consultant gynaecologist at the Royal Hospital, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, said he pleaded with Emma’s husband Anthony, 24, and mother Glenda Delaney to override her instruction. But they refused.

Mr Oyesanya spoke to Emma’s family, from Telford, after she died. He said: “Emma’s mother told me, ‘At least she remained faithful to her God’.

I’m sure God will be ecstatic.


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