German Monk arrested in sex case: amazingly, no children involved! (Jesus still hopping mad though)


The medieval Abbey of Maria Laach in Rhineland-Palatine is not what most people would consider to be your typical gay bachelor pad. It was founded in 1093 and has served as a Benedictine Abbey from the twelfth century to 1802 and was re-established in the 1890s.

Anyway, the Abbey did a Paris Hilton today. That is, it managed to get its name splashed all over the papers in a tiresome and lurid way – thanks to one of its more adventurous monks:

A 49-year-old German monk may face criminal charges after he was caught stealing gay porn DVDs from a shop. A search of his room at Abbey found more than 200 similar DVDs.

The Benedictine monk was challenged when he tried to steal four DVDs from a sex shop in the Bavarian city of Würzburg, reports Abendzeitung newspaper. He ran for it, dumping the DVDs in a bin, but was caught by police officers.

Ah well, stealing isn’t very nice – and still both a sin and a crime – but it’s better than we’ve become used to when it comes to members of the Church and their sexual behaviour. Since the DVDs were on sale in an official shop, one can at least assume that no altar boys were hurt during the making of these films.

Still, monks stealing DVDs from sex shops: it would be fun to know what Jesus would have made of that one. Although it’s fair to say that it would probably not be the only thing that He’d find hard to swallow.

When you think of how He chased those money lenders from the temple it would be reasonable to assume that most things He would see on a return trip to earth would have Him hopping mad…


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