Belgian Secret Service had a known terrorist murderer on their paid informers list


That the War on Terror goes swimmingly we all know.

Like the War on Drugs it’s one of those projects that just keep on giving.

Like a roomful of epileptic drunks playing ‘Pin the donkey’ it’s definitely more exciting to watch than any Rambo movie and about as intellectually challenging as Paris Hilton’s underwear.

This latest War on Terror headline just came in:

BRUSSELS, March 5 (NNN-MAP) — Belgian Justice Minister Jo Vandeurzen says he can “neither confirm nor deny” whether Abdelkader Belliraj, alleged leader of a terrorist network recently busted in Morocco, was an informer of the Belgian police, according to the Belga news agency.

Speaking before the Belgian House of Representatives here Tuesday, Vandeurzen stressed that he could neither confirm nor deny this information, by virtue of the law, recalling that he entrusted the Permanent Intelligence Oversight Committee with investigating this issue and drawing conclusions.

The La libre Belgique newspaper meanwhile reported that revelations about the alleged leader of the terrorist network recently dismantled in Morocco caused “collateral damage” as they showed that Belgian security services are “unable to watch over their informers” because “they paid Belliraj for years but did not know that he was a killer, a terrorist”.

According to Moroccan Interior Minister Chakib Benmoussa, Belliraj had, in the past, carried out six unresolved murders in Belgium.


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