We’re with stupid

People like to talk about ‘dumb animals’. At times with some reason, mind you.

If you’re a duckling, ugly or not, and your mama asks you to go out on a walk with her, do as that storybook horse did not – and just say no. For mama duck sure ain’t no boyscout when it comes to tracking.

Still, it takes some gall for homo sapiens to call other species dumb. If power is the pinnacle of evolution, look at the most powerful man on earth for smarts – and all you can go for are tears, laughter, anger or good, old-fashioned rue.

Compare the collective efforts of poor befuddled Double Duh to make this world a much better and much safer place for all of us to the easy and ruthlessly efficient manner in which a single cat dealt with a danger that threatened the ears of an entire planet.

Can you contemplate a cat choking on a pretzel? Or – but no, let’s leave old George alone, for now (since ‘in peace’ does not seem to be his default mode exactly.)

So, imagine the most idiotic duck in the long history of proudly weird duckiness. Can you see even such an unfortunate animal be as stupid as the man who died while mowing his lawn?

Or the woman who went for a walk and then for a nosedive?

In other words, less of the ‘dumb animal’ routine maybe.

Talking of dumb – and of animals – in a roundabout way. Some time ago Spielberg came out and announced he’d support the Hillary for prez campaign.

Somewhat later, a very disgruntled McCain and a frankly pissed-off Giuliani were sitting in a bar, telling dirty Hillary jokes and complaining about this, that and the other.

Fucking Spielberg, said Giuliani.

Yeah, said McCain.

What a louse!
said the hero of 9/11

Yeah, said the Vietnam vet.

I mean, What’s with this guy? I thought he liked dinosaurs!

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